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We offer a comprehensive suite of wind turbine services, including Installation, Main Services, and Specialty Services, ensuring our customers benefit from tailored, cost-efficient solutions. Leveraging specialized teams and deep technical knowledge, we’re dedicated to optimizing operations, reducing downtime, and driving innovation to meet every unique challenge.

Installation Services

Onshore & Offshore Installation

We specialize in both onshore and offshore wind turbine installations.

Major Component Exchange

We specialize in major component exchange, repowering and decommissioning.

Electrical & High Voltage

We specialize in the very complex high voltage and electrical fields.

Main Services


Whether your project is small, or complex, we provide the people you need to fulfil the task.


Effective blade maintenance and repairs are essential for any of your wind energy projects.


We have a lot of experience diagnosing wind turbines, onshore and offshore.

Specialty Services

Paint and Steelworks

Onshore or offshore, it is vital to protect components with ongoing inspections and maintenance repairs.

Special Projects

Combining expertise and experience to deliver specialized services with high complexity across disciplines.

Oil Exchange

Leading supplier of oil-exchange service to the wind turbine industry both onshore and offshore.


GreenTec can provide agile workforce solutions, dedicated to the requirements of the wind industry.

Factory Work

As your dedicated partner for specialized blade services, our expert technicians can extend their services to indoor factory work.


Exceptional inspection and welding repair solutions tailored specifically to the wind industry.


Year: 2023-2024

Country: England, UK

Wind farm: Triton Knoll Offshore WF

Scope: Blade Repair LPS Testing, #WTG’s: 90, Turbine: Vestas V164-9.5MW

Year: 2022

Country: The Netherlands

Wind farm: Hollandse Kust Zuid Offshore Wind Farm

Scope: A wide variety of services; #WTG’s: 139, Turbine: SGRE, 11.0

Year: 2023

Country: France

Wind farm: Saint-Brieuc

Scope: Offshore Pre-Assembly, #WTG’s: 62, Turbine: SGRE, 8.0

Year: 2022-2023

Country: The Netherlands

Wind farm: Hollandse Kust Noord Offshore Wind Farm

Scope: A wide variety of services; #WTG’s: 69, Turbine: SGRE, 11.0

Year: 2023-2024

Country: Germany

Wind farm: WP Sustedt

Scope: Offshore Pre-Assembly, #WTG’s: 62, Turbine: SGRE, 8.0

Year: 2022-2023

Country: Sweden

Wind farm: MB2 Ertrask 

Scope: Onshore installation; #WTG’s: 32, Turbine: E-138 EP3

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