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Our expertise in complex wind turbine blade repair, inspection, and maintenance ensures optimal operational and maintenance efficiencies, reducing costs and downtime. Our highly specialized and experienced teams of IRATA certified rope access technicians offer unrivalled competence for a range of wind turbine services and maintenance activities, customized to meet you specific needs.

Optimized solutions

We focus on optimizing operations and maintenance strategies to minimize both the costs and downtime associated with turbine maintenance. Our specialized technical team conducts thorough evaluations of blade damage, ensuring that the estimates for cost and completion time are specifically tailored to each project’s requirements.


Blade repair

Our Blade repair services harness state-of-the-art techniques and extensive field experience to address complex damages either on the ground or on ropes/platforms, from simple repairs such as paint and erosion repairs to complex repairs. We ensure each turbine returns to optimal performance quickly and efficiently, through detailed reporting with close attention to quality assurance. 

Blade inspection

We offer comprehensive Blade inspection services and strive to use the latest technologies such as UAVs and Drones as well as advanced NDT of composites utilizing PAUT. These inspections complement traditional visual testing and scope and camera work and help in accurately assessing the condition of blades.

Blade upgrade and retrofit (LPS, PCU, LEP)

Our Blade Upgrade and Retrofit services focus on enhancing turbine efficiency through the application of the latest innovations like Vortex Generators and Aerodynamic Power Upgrades. These improvements are designed to increase the annual energy production and extend the lifespan of your turbines.

Blade cleaning

Regular Blade cleaning is essential for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of wind turbines. Our cleaning services ensure that your blades are free from dirt and debris that can affect performance, using environmentally safe methods and substances.

Blade training

We provide specialized Blade training to equip technicians with the necessary skills and knowledge for high-quality blade maintenance. This training covers a wide range of topics, from basic inspections to complex repairs, ensuring all work is performed to the highest standards.

Blade factory work

We are experienced in carrying out blade factory work, working closely with Blade/Wind Turbine OEMs to provide quality-driven blade repairs.  This includes new blades and heavy blades (in-field) either working in OEM factories or utilizing our own temporary facilities all backed up by experienced Site Management and Project Management teams.  Factory work can include composite blade repairs, upgrade work and all finishing work (filling/painting).

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