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Whether your site is onshore or offshore, we can handle any paint job worldwide. We have an extensive track record in the wind industry carrying out surface treatment and paint repairs.


Steel structure inspection

We help customers worldwide discover, diagnose and repair issues they may have with wind turbines and wind farms. Inspections of your turbine components are necessary to maintain maximum performance.

Steel structure paint repair

The offshore saltwater environment is exceptionally harsh. We specialize in inspections and corrosion repairs, including paint repairs on foundations, transition pieces, towers, blades, and substations.

Steel structure cleaning

We remove dirt, pollutants, debris, and bird droppings on steel structures, enhancing longevity of the turbines as corrosion and rust will have difficulty growing on a clean surface. Environmentally friendly cleaning techniques, such as soft brushes or non-abrasive cloths, are recommended to avoid damaging the blades or protective coatings and high-pressure washers are used cautiously.

Steel structure repair and welding

We do all kinds of repair on the steel structure or equipment that is attached inside and outside of the WTG. Cracks, holes or corrosion that needs to be analysed and repaired are a part of the scope. Our dedicated repair team are equipped with the newest technology to ensure that the WTGs are operational and kept in a safe condition with continues control over the degradation.

Large correctives and retrofits

We have the capabilities and experiences to assist with Correctives and Retrofits campaigns with rope access technicians on steel parts/equipment. Large numbers of experience technicians with all the newest certificates and know-how.

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Kimmy Bauer

Commercial Sales Director, Paint & Steelwork;
[email protected]

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