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At Muehlhan Wind Service, we have decades of experience discovering and diagnosing wind turbines, onshore and offshore. We have a dedicated team working solely in this area of expertise, operating everywhere in the world, covering turbines from all major manufacturers. Always on time, always according to the needs of our customers.


Scheduled service

All wind turbines and wind farms need service and maintenance. At Muehlhan, we can be your trusted partner and ensure that your onshore and offshore sites are regularly inspected.

Torque and tension

Bolted connections are an essential part of a turbine’s structural integrity. Our skilled technicians offer torque and tensioning services with a focus on precision and safety.

Snagging/Punch list

Our technicians are experienced in preparing punch lists and performing inspections to find any potential faults in your turbine.

Small retrofits

We have a large number of experienced service technicians with the newest certificates and retrofitting know-how. We offer a comprehensive range of retrofit services to extend turbine lifespan and boost performance by upgrading electrical and control systems to modern industry standards.


Our technicians bring all the tools and equipment to test the turbine, blades and safety features during the pre-commissioning phase.


We conduct statutory inspections on wind turbines and wind farms to prevent issues before they arise. Whether you need a thorough examination of your blades, nacelles or towers, we have the expertise, knowledge and workforce to help you.

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Camilla Egekvist

Commercial Manager, Service;
[email protected]

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