Access and Scaffolding


Rope Access

To get quick and easy access to all sorts of tasks, especially in places that are complex or hard to reach, we often resort to rope access. As an IRATA member, we strictly follow all guidelines to maintain a safe workspace for everyone.

Scaffolding Systems & Facade Scaffolding

We are equipped and capable of handling everything from minor tasks to major repair projects, both inside and outside the object. We always consider the specific needs of the scaffolding, whether it’s on a building or for a vessel or ship on water or in dry dock.

Modular Scaffolding Systems

We offer solutions that often employ Safeway or Safespan while working on bridges and carrying cables. These systems are designed with modularity in mind, facilitating easy mobility without the need for cranes or other tools.

Complete Covering

Our service is particularly beneficial when working under challenging weather conditions. By enveloping the entire project, we protect the construction. This temporary scaffolding construction with a roof and sides ensures a conducive working environment all year round.

Specialty Access

For more complex and time-consuming tasks, our skilled team of technicians use special gear like power ascenders and other tools. This ensures a reliable and steady workspace for everyone throughout the project.

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