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Minimal Turbine Down-Time

Our service ensures the cleanliness level of the oil is maintained throughout the life of any operational wind turbine whilst achieving the minimal down time to carry out the oil exchange, and at the highest health and safety standards possible.


Change of Gear and Hydraulic Oil

Our skilled technicians perform efficient oil exchanges, ensuring optimal turbine performance. We assess existing oil conditions, recommend suitable replacements, and execute changes with precision.

Change of Glycol Coolant Liquid

We specialize in glycol coolant replacement, maintaining cooling system reliability. Our process involves thorough flushing, monitoring coolant levels, and verifying proper circulation to prevent overheating and component damage.

Oil Drainage/Tank Emptying

Our team safely empties oil tanks, adhering to environmental regulations. We handle waste oil responsibly, ensuring proper disposal and minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, we inspect tanks for signs of corrosion or leaks.

Delivery of Oil

We offer timely and reliable oil delivery services for wind turbines. Our logistics team coordinates efficient deliveries, considering factors such as turbine location, storage capacity, and weather conditions. We also provide expert advice on oil storage best practices.

Oil Cleaning

Our thorough processes extend oil lifespan, enhancing turbine efficiency. We utilize advanced filtration techniques, monitor oil quality, and recommend scheduled cleaning intervals based on turbine usage and environmental conditions. Clean oil reduces wear, enhances performance, and minimizes maintenance costs.

Safe Disposal of Waste Oil

We handle waste oil responsibly, ensuring compliance with guidelines. Our team collects waste oil from various sources, transports it to authorized facilities, and follows strict protocols for safe disposal. We also advise our clients on sustainable practices to reduce waste generation and promote environmental stewardship.

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Oliwia Ryżewicz

Junior Commercial Manager, Oil Exchange;
ryż[email protected] 

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