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We tackle unique and complex challenges within the wind energy sector. We provide customized solutions that require innovative approaches and specialized expertise, ensuring your project’s specific needs are met with precision and efficiency.


Oil and hose exchange

We assist customers with Gearbox and hydraulic oil exchanges on wind turbines both Onshore and Offshore.  Our specialized oil exchange units are fully equipped to meet and surpass environmental requirements. Through the use of our own in-house designed and developed oil exchange trucks and offshore units we ensure protection of your assets throughout the whole process.  Flushing and exchanging hoses ensure clean and correct handling of oil contamination with automated pumps.

Large correctives and retrofits

We have the capability and experience to assist with Corrective and Retrofit campaigns within blades, pitch cylinders, main bearing, gearboxes, generators, pumps, yaw motors and gears, FSI units, FBG sensors, electrical cabinets, and other mechanical and electrical parts. We have an extensive team of experienced technicians with the required qualifications and knowledge to complete the job.

Borescope inspection

Through our optical tool we can detect potential issues in a turbine’s motors and generators such as wear and tear, corrosion, cracks, and other abnormalities. The inspections are performed without dismantling the machine and can easily enter confined spaces. This can elongate the overall lifecycle of the equipment and minimize unforeseen breakdowns.

End of warranty inspections

We ensure a full inspection of your equipment/asset as part of our End of Warranty survey. We typically conduct visual inspections combined with bore-scoping and vibration analysis and prepare a gap analysis on the long-term service agreement.  Through this detailed report we can identify minor, major or critical faults that need to be addressed or claimed before taking over the equipment/assets.

Extreme damage or fire damage

We assist in securing the work area and the removal of damaged installation – rebuilding the damaged mechanical and electrical burned sections, restoring the surface with new protection and testing before energization. Detailed reporting on the damaged area and replaced parts ensures full confidence in the whole process.

Statutory inspections/TMSE

We perform inspections on WTGs both offshore and onshore. These include inspections by law as well as ordinary inspections on lifting and safety equipment. These consist of a combination of visual and load testing. The inspection can be combined with repair and maintenance on Davit-, Nacelle-cranes, Lift, TMSE, anchor point, fire extinguishers, ladders and lifting accessories.

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