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Rigorous training

We invest in rigorous training for our technicians, ensuring they meet the highest standards of expertise. This commitment allows us to deploy a skilled, versatile team capable of handling any high- or low-voltage task across the globe.


Site installation and finishing technicians

Our team of fully qualified technicians offer a full scope service for installation of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Site management

We have an experienced team of competent engineers and experts in Site Management procedures. Our skilled and dedicated team can take full responsibility of the management of your site.

Site installation supervisors

We are your eyes and ears when you are not there. We provide our customers with skilled and experienced site supervisors for any given wind project – when needed.

Site service technicians

Whether you need a thorough examination of your nacelles or towers, we have the competency, proficiency, and skilled workforce to assist with any onshore or offshore service project.

Offshore technicians and commissioning technicians

Our experienced offshore team can manage transportation, craning, installation, cable work, testing and commissioning as a full-scope solution for our clients.

Commercial contact

Diana Botezatu

Commercial Manager, Manpower;
[email protected]

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