About Muehlhan

We believe that people make the difference. With more than 3.000 employees and 30 entities worldwide, we are your local industrial services partner wherever you are located.

Fields of expertise

We provide surface protection and industrial services in four main categories: Wind, oil and gas, marine and construction. We are your local partner no matter where you are in the world. Distance is not an issue for us, nor should it be for you.

A people-centric approach to business

At Muehlhan, we believe in people. We engage highly talented professionals in our pursuit of innovation and forward-thinking. By doing so, we lead the way for industrial services around the globe.

For more than 140 years, we have been a part of four ever-evolving industries: Oil and gas, wind, marine and construction. To succeed, we know that competencies, reliability and craftsmanship need to be at the core of any business relationship in any segment. We have all three—that’s why you should partner with us.

The history

Our expertise, craftsmanship and knowledge are built upon more than 140 years of experience in four industries. Our customers describe us as professional, competent, reliable and innovative—they are right.

With more than 3.000 employees across 30 different locations and subsidiaries, the Muehlhan Group is a global organization. In 2022 the operating entities of Muehlhan were acquired by One Equity Partners. The acquisition fuels our strategy and growth trajectory, enabling us to continue to expand operations while maintaining a non-negotiable customer centricity mindset. The Muehlhan headquarters is in Hamburg, Germany.


1881 - It started with steam boiler cleaning

Founded in 1881 by Johannes Cornelius Amadeus Marckmann, initially active in steam boiler cleaning.

1911 - Muehlhan expands business fields

In 1911 Georg Heinrich Muehlhan acquired the company. entered new business fields with ship cleaning, insulation work and trade in ship supplies.

1947 - Focus is on tank cleaning

In 1947, Heinrich J.P. Muehlhan joined the business and focused the business on tank cleaning.

1963 – Innovations in tank and hold cleaning

Muehlhan introduced the Strahl-O-Matic blasting system as a permanent installation in dedicated vessels allowing tank and hold cleaning to be done at anchor and from the seaward side while alongside berths. This improved efficiencies and lowered costs significantly.

1970 - First international branch

First initial move outside of Germany was Muehlhan Netherlands in 1970.

1981 – Muehlhan becomes Muehlhan

The family company adopts the Muehlhan name and starts building the Muehlhan brand in Germany.

1998 – Muehlhan initial moves outside of Germany

The company focus shifts to corrosion control and surface protection in maritime and industrial markets. The initial projects in Eastern Europe lays a foundation for future international growth.

2000 - Muehlhan expands internationally

The initial subsidiary outside Germany is established in France in 2000 followed by an acquisition in 2001 of a sizeable company in the surface protection business in the US. In 2001, Muehlhan acquired a Singapore shipyard contractor. In 2002, a subsidiary was established in the UK while in 2004, a Norway subsidiary was added.

2006 – Muehlhan AG listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The Muehlhan Group is reorganized with Muehlhan AG as the parent company which on Oct 26th 2006 starts trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

2017 – Further expansion in the Renewables market

Muehlhan expands its involvement in the wind energy market through the foundation of Muehlhan Wind Service A/S in Denmark.

Today – International contractor in 4 markets

With 30+ subsidiaries and activities in more than 50 countries, the Muehlhan Group is recognized as a leading Industrial Services company specializing in the wind energy, oil & gas, marine and construction markets. Muehlhan is an attractive and attentive partner for clients, employees, investors and suppliers world-wide.

2022 – Muehlhan acquired by One Equity Partners

One Equity Partners (OEP) acquires selected subsidiaries, in Europe and the USA, as well as the "Muehlhan" brand from Muehlhan AG.

The new Muehlhan Holding GmbH focuses on the three core industries: wind energy, marine and infrastructure.

The Muehlhans

Our greatest strength is our people. The people working at Muehlhan are made of something unique, something special. At our company core, we genuinely believe that mindset combined with competencies and reliability is how we differentiate from the competition

We call it the Muehlhan mindset: a mindset where we focus on the task at hand and always search for the solution


Quality is our trademark. We always ensure transparency in every phase of a project, from planning to execution. That is vital to our customers; it is essential to us.


To us, integrity is shown through courage and ownership. We take pride in addressing issues upfront; we report all incidents to our management. Sometimes, we learn by doing, and we are willing to learn.

Our values

Our values are universal and timeless. Our fundamental values are integrity, respect, excellence, reliability. These are the words that characterize how we treat our people and how we go about doing business.


Respect is a necessity in business. We accept and respect people for who they are and how they contribute regardless of race, skin colour and religion. We respect the environment by always choosing a sustainable solution, ensuring a minimal impact.


We are committed to making everybody feel safe. As a global company with departments and subsidiaries around the world, we believe in providing training and guidance for our people to ensure safety comes first.

Managing Directors

Stefan Müller-Arends

Chief Executive Officer


Stefan Müller-Arends is a graduate in Business Administration. Following positions as Controller and CFO, among others at the RWE Group and at DMC S.A. (France), Mr. Müller-Arends became CEO of Mauser AG, an industrial manufacturing company

In May of 2011 he joined the Muehlhan Group as CEO.

Thorsten Hell

Chief Financial Officer