Factory Work

Newest technology

We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure the highest quality and performance of your metal parts. We follow the strictest industry standards and customer requirements for our surface treatment projects. 




At Muehlhan, we make sure that your components will last. Metallizing is an acknowledged anti-corrosion treatment. Molten metal is sprayed on top of the element, ensuring that the surface is well-protected.

Paint jobs

At our manufacturing facilities, we perform manual and automatic paint jobs on all types of components—your components have never looked nicer. When done right, paint ensures a longer lifespan. At Muehlhan, we do things right.

Specialized tasks

Sometimes, you need something different. Sometimes, you need something that is tailored to your specific needs. Ask us; we can most likely help. If not, we will point you in the right direction.

Project management

We have extensive experience working as project managers; we can handle wind projects of any given size and complexity.

Surface preparation

We make sure your components are prepared correctly and according to best in class industry standards. At our facilities, we do sanding, blasting and, of course, cleaning.

Commercial contact

Kimmy Bauer

Commercial Manager, Factory Work;
[email protected] 

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