Automated stripe coat application to floating offshore foundations

Stripe coat application to weld seams, free edges, bolts and other difficult-to-coat areas is costly and labor-intensive. For large structures, the automation of this process is a promising innovative approach to accelerate coating processes and to reduce costs, materials and resources. 

The following issues were addressed in the OWSplus project: 

–    Integration of an electrostatic painting device into the application process.

–    Introduction and optimization of a robot for the stripe coat application process.

–   Investigation of coverage rates and dry film distributions over weld seams and bolts.


Fundings: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Main partners: Fraunhofer IGP

Contact: Dr. Andreas Momber

Figure 1

Coating deterioration and corrosion at edges, welds, bolts and difficult-to-spray areas.

Figure 2

Video freeze frame of the robot application process in Muehlhan’s testing facility.

Figure 3

Polished cross section images from a coated steel plate with welded fillets after coating.

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