At Muehlhan, SHEQ is in everything we do. We are a people-first company that never jeopardizes the safety and well-being of our people. Our SHEQ guidelines and procedures are implemented across all departments and services from Germany to Southeast Asia.

We are certified according to the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards. All were checked and approved in spring 2021.


It is our responsibility that nobody working at Muehlhan feels unsafe in any situation in any environment. As a global company operating in four industries, our people´s safety always comes first.

We are constantly working towards a incident free working environment, because:

  • we believe that we can work without injury
  • we ensure continuous training of employees
  • we organize our work safely
  • we constantly improve awareness of safety hazards and risks
  • we follow agreed safety rules and use PPE

At Muehlhan, we proactively share knowledge between our departments and subsidiaries to help each other prevent incidents. We believe knowledge and inspiration are two critical components in creating a safer working environment for everyone today and in the future.


Every day, we try our best to create and maintain a workplace where people feel welcome. We aim to provide the best conditions for our employees to develop personally and professionally.

We strive to keep building a workplace and a workforce that our employees want to be a part of. Mental and physical health are equally important to our people - and therefore essential to us. Therefore, we ensure and act on feedback from employees, which we receive through regular workplace assessments, HSE meetings and employee engagement surveys.


To us, responsibility is more than a single word. It is a mindset. We see sustainability as a joint effort to reduce the negative impacts on our world. We are aware of the role we play and how our services affect the environment. Consequently, we apply strict guidelines to ensure that we contribute positively in every possible way we can.

Therefore, we...

  • actively promote a sustainablility mindset
  • prefer environmentally friendly tools and equipment
  • promote environmentally friendly solutions through dialogue with our customers
  • cooperate with our suppliers to identify environmentally friendly products and solutions
  • segregate and handle waste in collaboration with the best suppliers available


As an industrial services company, quality plays a significant role in all we do. Therefore, we work closely with our customers and external partners to understand their needs and develop innovative and forward-thinking solutions tailored specifically to each customer. For us to be successful, quality has to be our priority.

We demonstrate our quality claim to customers and external partners through detailed documentation and easy traceability of all our project processes. We plan, develop and implement training for our employees and contractors, to ensure best quality of our products and services.

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Auditing partners regularly carry out inspections and certify our Integrated Management System. Additionally, many of our subsidiaries have special certificates for their businesses to use special coating systems or are accredited by other international standards. This does not only refer to quality but also safety, health and environment. We are certified according to the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards.