The Innovation Lab

At Muehlhan, we refer to our R&D department as our in-house innovation lab. Research and development are essential to our clients and us. We are with you all the way from idea to final product.

Experienced innovators

We have been around for more than 140 years. We have established ourselves as an excellent and reliable innovator who can collaborate with various parties such as industrial customers, research institutions, funding organisations and regulatory bodies.

As a supplement to our innovation lab, we have specialists working in different departments and subsidiaries worldwide along with renowned professional associations for standardization and expertise within the surface protection industry. Innovation is all about collaboration.


  • Assessment of coating systems

  • Improvement of coating performance

  • Compilation of Paint Specifications

  • Consulting for specials projects

  • Inspections and damage analyses

  • Optimization of machines and facilities

  • Technical audits

  • Coordination of joint research projects

  • Evaluation and optimization of application methods

  • Planning, organisation and documentation of site tests

  • Training and education programs

Download publications

We constantly strive to create innovative solutions for our customers. For us to do so, we share our knowledge. Here, you can download our latest publications.