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From A-Z, we can manage full-scope offshore installation projects. We can cover all aspects, tasks and challenges.
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Expect more from your partner in wind

At Muehlhan, we have a dedicated and specialized team that handles and carries out wind projects as a full-scope contractor and supplier for customers worldwide. With a large pool of technicians, we have the experience and the flexibility to carry out any task.

Our competencies include all steps through the installation process, from project management to installation and future service—always done according to strict principles to ensure quality and safety.


  • Pre-assembly

    Offshore wind is associated with high costs where one of the incurring aspects is attributed to the cost of installation. We favor pre-assembling as many components as possible in order to be cost-efficient and avoid unpredictable weather situations. With a proven track record of successful pre-assembly projects, we are more than capable of assisting you on your next offshore project and ensuring a smooth installation.

  • Full-scope installations

    Our expertise and knowledge within each area of offshore wind, allow us to act as full-scope service provider for installation of offshore wind turbines. We manage transportation, craning, installation, cable work and testing, commissioning as well as site management as a full-scope solution for our clients.

  • Commissioning

    As a full-scope provider, we commonly assist our customers every step of the way. We make sure that all things are in place, tested and ready to go. When ready, we assure the wind turbines or wind farms are commissioned.

  • Site and project management

    Every project and site is different; we emphasize the importance of ensuring that everything goes as planned on-site and throughout the entire project, including SHEQ processes.

  • On-site logistics

    When installing wind turbines, offshore cranes and transportation are essential, especially on pre-assembly sites. Cranes and ground transport is critical to secure a successful completion of the project. We work with reliable partners and manage all on-site logistics.

  • Electrical and mechanical installation

    We have access to highly skilled electricians through our HV & Electrical business unit who make sure that all the electrical and mechanical aspects, including cable pull and commissioning, testing and other high voltage installations, are conducted.

  • Tools

    Access to the right tools and equipment is essential to a successful offshore installation project. We can provide any tool needed for this included in our full-scope service.

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