Our blade department has over 20 years of experience working with blade service and repair both on- and offshore. We are prepared to take on any blade related task.
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Specialized and dedicated

Our dedicated teams come with the expertise to operate special tools and equipment, enhancing effectiveness and minimizing the turbine’s downtime. It requires a trained and skilled crew to carry out the task precisely and effectively; at Muehlhan, we are able to provide you with well-trained and fully-certified personnel to carry out complex assignments with a high-quality service - from blade repairs, upgrades and inspections, to specialized solutions.

We can carry out even the most intricate procedures, always on time, according to the strictest safety guidelines. It does not matter whether your turbines are located onshore or offshore: we will get the job done.


  • Blade repair

    The essence of the wind turbine are the blades; they withstand the most powerful weather conditions. Therefore, they are bound to need repairs once in a while. We manage both more minor fibre repairs and more complex repairs efficiently and professionally, always with minimal downtime.

  • Upgrades

    Making sure that the blade is always of the highest standard is one of our primary tasks. Research on LEP (Leading Edge Protection), PCU (Power Curve Upgrade), LPS (Lightning Protection Systems) and various other upgrades is ongoing in order to ensure we stay updated with the latest development. Thereby, we are capable of installing any upgrade you may require.

  • Inspection

    Inspection of blades is essential to ensure that we see any potential issues before they develop into significant problems, resulting in downtime or, worst-case scenario, a full blade exchange. Our specialized teams can thoroughly inspect your blade, from root to tip.

  • Project management

    We can take on any project and manage it from start to finish, including turn-key solutions. Though vast and hands-on experience, our project team makes sure that the project runs smoothly in close collaboration with SHEQ department ensuring the safety and health in every operational activity.

  • Rope access and light access

    When we need to access the blade fast and conveniently, we use rope access and various power ascenders, always done by skilled technicians according to IRATA guidelines. Our rope teams consist of two highly trained and professional service technicians, who can be deployed on all turbines—no matter where in the world.

  • Heavy access

    Accessing blades both on- and offshore can be tricky; we always choose the best suitable and safest solution for the given task. We deliver platforms and cherry pickers for complex and time-consuming tasks to ensure a reliable and stable working environment throughout the entire assignment.

  • Logistics

    As a customer, you never need to worry about any transport-related tasks. We transport and bring all the right equipment, from tools, scaffolding systems to cranes—all included.

Contact us

As your industrial service partner, we are here to answer any questions you might have. Find your local Muehlhan contact on this page.

Contact Us

As your industrial service partner, we are here to answer any questions you might have. Find your local Muehlhan contact on this page.

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