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Muehlhan has supported the oil & gas industry for more than 20 years and offers industrial cleaning solutions both onshore and offshore.
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Cleaning and removal services

Professional and environmental industrial cleaning is a continuous requirement in the oil & gas industry from production through transportation to refining. Safe and efficient cleaning operations have to be completed in complex locations with often challenging access limitations and in full compliance with SHEQ and environmental rules and regulations. This requires advance resources and experience which Muehlhan has developed over its 140 years of operational history in this segment.


  • NORM abatement

    Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) accumulate in sludge, tank residue and inside pressure vessels and process plants in most oil fields world-wide. It is a particular concern in certain offshore production areas such as the North Sea, West Africa and Brazil. Muehlhan has years of experience in NORM abatement and we are able to handle small projects like cleaning a pressure vessel up to and including full NORM abatement of FPSO’s or production platforms.

  • Asbestos removal

    Asbestos is a natural mineral which was extensively used as an insulation and fire-retardant material in industrial setting until it was discovered to be highly hazardous to human health if fibers were inhaled. As asbestos have to be removed, it is extremely important to handle it safely to prevent any asbestos exposure. Muehlhan has the experience and the certified personnel needed to safely and efficiently removal of asbestos from offshore oil and gas units and ships worldwide.

  • Tank cleaning

    Muehlhan provides tank cleaning solutions for any size tank and pressure vessel. Our service portfolio range from man-less automated tank cleaning services for the largest crude and fuel oil storage tanks to manual demucking and cleaning of separators and other pressure vessels. Where possible, man-less tank entry is preferred and high pressure washing systems or vacuum based suction units are used extensively to minimize the manual handling of tank residue.

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