Muehlhan’s R&D Department has an excellent reputation as a reliable, innovative partner to industry customers, research institutions, funding organisations, and regulatory bodies.

Services offered include the following:

  • Assessment of coating systems
  • Improvement of coating performance
  • Evaluation and optimization of application methods
  • Compilation of Paint Specifications
  • Consulting for special projects
  • Expertises
  • Inspections and damage analyses
  • Optimization of machines and facilities
  • Technical audits
  • Planning, organization and documentation of site tests
  • Coordination of joint research projects
  • Training and education programs

Due to close collaboration with leading research institutions, namely the Fraunhofer Society, Muehlhan’s R&D Department can handle complex and demanding projects.

Selected projects

Investigations into the performance of coating systems under Arctic offshore conditions

Development and verification of surface protection systems for LNG components

Development of application techniques for the repair of offshore wind power structures

Development of anti-fouling coatings and underwater cleaning techniques

Evaluation of long-term surface protection systems for offshore wind power devices

Improvement of protection performance of coatings on edges in maritime constructions

Development of anti-icing coatings for wind turbine rotor blades

Increase in aerodynamic efficiency and noise reduction of rotor blades.

Investigations into the protective performance of sprayed metals in offshore environments

Paint overspray control in dry docks

Application of heavy-duty protective coatings to very hot steel substrates