Development of a repair procedure for damaged offshore coatings.



Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Fraunhofer IFAM; Sika Deutsch-land GmbH

Main partners

Dr. Andreas Momber


Development of a repair procedure for damaged offshore coatings

The repair of protective coatings offshore is a time-consuming and expensive process. It covers damage assessment and evaluation, access solutions, surface preparation and repair coating application under harsh conditions.

The project RepaKORR is concerned with the development of site-applicable, efficient and environmentally friendly procedures. This includes the testing of novel application methods, namely drone inspections, closed shot blasting on site, rotating wire blasting, and cartridge applications as well as the development of a one-layer surface-tolerant repair coating material.

The following results are achieved:

  • Coating condition monitoring of a near-shore jacket steel structure by means of an unmanned aerial vehicle.
  • Development of a logistics chain for offshore wind power sections in order to minimize mechanical damages.
  • Testing of three newly developed coating materials and one benchmark coating material for offshore applications.
  • Long-term (4.8 years) exposure of coated samples in an offshore environment at Helgoland (German North Sea).

Test samples, coated in Muehlhan’s laboratory,
at Helgoland for long-term offshore exposure.

Testing of a rotating cleaning tool for coating
repair under offshore conditions.

Sample plates for testing, prepared in Muehlhan’s laboratory.