M/T Oraholm – Renovation of chemical tanker

Renovation of the chemical tanker

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M/T Oraholm project

Muehlhan Polska Sp. z.o.o. carried out paint and maintenance of cargo tanks on the chemical tanker Oraholm. 

The work was carried out on 16 cargo tanks - a total of approx. 5 000 m2 of paint coating. The overall target was to change the existing painting system to the system of Chemco International Ltd.

The scope of work inside the tanks was as follows:

  • Assembly of scaffolding inside the tanks;
  • UHP 2200 bar washing;
  • HP 350 bar washing and degreasing;
  • Protection of stainless steel elements in tanks and abrasive blasting up to class SA 2.5;
  • Painting three layers: 2x500um Chemco RB 364 and 1x100um Chemco RB 300 TC.